LOEWE 360º Case Study

Brand: LOEWE / Agency: Click Naranja / Year: 2009

LOEWE is a Spanish luxury fashion house based in Madrid and is owned by the LVMH Group. At the time I was working in Click Naranja, we had been asked to create a 360º campaign to support the TV commercial that was about to be aired for their new fragance, Aire Loco (you can see a shorter version of the ad above these lines).
We created a proposal with street actions and some super-cool interactive banners. Unfortunately, in the end the client decided to go with standard online banner campaign, but here you can see some of the ideas.

Street Peephole. One of the proposals was a peephole destined to be in a central shopping area in Madrid.

Interactive peephole banner. The idea was to make a full-page banner with a peephole, making sure the visitor had to interact with the piece and see what was inside in order to enter the site (or close the ad from the closing tap, following the www standard, of course). Inside the peephole one could see a small loop of the video and choose to view the complete version by clicking on it.

Online ad campaign. And this is one of the ads that I finally created (You need Flash Player to see it).

This is another chosen ad made by another member of the team.